Documenteers Finale

In honor of the final output of the Documenters podcast, Angela and Bob sit down to eat dinner at the White Cat Jazz Club & Grill and record their reminisces on two and half years of the greatest documentary themed podcast in the universe.

An infinity pool of love to all who have supported us. We are thrilled for the future. Follow Documenteers on Instagram for the first eventual look into our next podcast project with fun hint postings in the meantime. We also hint at some concepts related to our next great show in this episode.

We hope everyone is in a position to be sensible and safe. We wish you good health. We will miss you, but when we return, we will go hard.

Roll up a hog’s leg. Celebrate with us.

You’re welcome.

Keep on Doccin’

BONUS: Akil & Bob Discuss Episode 1 of “Hillary”

A Bonus episode of Akil & Bob discussing episode 1 of Nanette Burstein’s Hulu original “Hillary”. It’s a docuseries about Hillary Clinton that we made it a point to not finish. Remember when the balloons came down at the 2016 Democratic National Convention and Hillary and Bill seemed weirdly over-excited about all the balloons? Yeah, that shit was funny.

It’d be cool to smoke a blunt with Hunter Biden.