Hello and welcome to the greatest website for a documentary themed podcast in the universe!

Documentaries! We love them! They manipulate us. They educate us. They change our minds and encourage conversation. We’ve all stood around the water cooler, or the construction site, or the casket just gabbin’ on and on about that Netflix documentary about that guy that probably killed that lady.

We’ve all shed tears over the life stories of some of the most inspiring people in our culture. We’ve all been disturbed by stories we can’t comprehend. All these things come at us in the form of documentaries.

So Bob Sham, a Howard Hughes level shut-in that lives in Nashville, decided to document all the documentaries with the help of his friends on an amazing weekly podcast about documentaries called DOCUMENTEERS!!

Each week Bob Sham and a rotating cast of enthusiasts watch and discuss a variety of documentary topics ranging from music, nature, true crime, sports, and more. Then they rate it in the revolutionary new rating system that is making other rating systems shit their little pants. The fair, but firm, Herzog Rating System.

Knowledge, friendship, clips, and more than a few laughs. Subscribe and find out why the DOCUMENTEERS is the best documentary themed podcast in the universe.


Meet the Documenteers


Bob Sham is the always-host and is often covered in cat hair. He loves you. 



A2 aka Eldridge Alan Arnaltovich was born in Germany and raised in the South. A2 does all the original music on the show. 


GB (1)

Ginger Burden loves cats, music, jokes, and food. She wears an eyepatch. 


FeliciaFelicia Byrd is a lover of all things Dolly Parton, Fleetwood Mac, whiskey, and is cool. She bites sometimes (like her cats).



Jonni Greth is a pastor’s kid, born and raised in the Deep South. Jonni can’t shake his obsession with music and religion.



Angela Leftwich is the matriarch of The Documenteers and she can’t even with Bob’s shit right now. 



Bryan Leftwich made all the floaty heads on the Episode Ratings page floaty. 



Akil Lyle is a life-long fan of comic books, animation, and pretty much all things of a geek nature.



Jeremy Painter is a Broadway musical enthusiast, former high school teacher, show choir director, and once worked for a mouse.



Stuart Von Stein is sitting in the dark surrounded by stacks of unorganized vinyl. He’s in a couple of bands. 



Drew Wilson is a Radio DJ in Nashville. He hosts the Loud Love Show and Walk It Off, a weekly sports talk program.



Werner Herzog is the patron saint of The Documenteers podcast. He probably doesn’t know this exists.