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Especially on Apple Podcasts5 star ratings and positive reviews are the most helpful to any podcast. This helps prioritize the podcast within the platform and connect us to those who enjoy similar subjects like film, television, and manic giggling.

We understand that anyone also has the ability to give bad reviews. Personally, we recommend only responding on the internet to the things you really enjoy, and ignoring/unsubscribing to anything you don’t like. This seems counter-intuitive to how the internet is, but the internet can also show you how to change a serpentine belt in your car. The internet is pretty dope sometimes, and it’s up to us to make it a cool place. The best way to be cool on the internet is giving the Documenteers podcast 5 stars and a nice review on Apple Podcasts.

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Everybody gets wrapped up in documentaries. If you know anybody that loves docs and films, please recommend us! We also talk a lot about music. Also, we’re kind of a comedy podcast a lot of the time. It’s a whole range of emotions at the Documenteers. We personally think a wide range of people can get into the Documenteers. Unless maybe you really really really hate documentaries. Recommending the Documenteers is a great way to test if the other person is a good, fun-loving person. Keep our name in your mouth.

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The Documenteers podcast, as long as it’s running, will always be free. If you are in a position where you need to save money then please do not donate. Take care of yourself first and foremost. Frankly, we value great iTunes reviews more than money at this point. The Documenteers just really want to hang out and talk documentaries with you, and you ain’t gotta pay to kick it.

But if you are particularly flush with cash, and understand the time consuming nature of doing a weekly podcast, any donation of any size is very welcome. If you’re ballin’ hard right now and feel generous and if your conveniently wealthy self understands the cost of studio equipment and the importance of being able to afford to replace equipment, then we will be stunned and overwhelmed by your random generous donation. If you’re a very nice tycoon who wants Bob Sham to quit his job and produce no less than five different podcasts full-time, then I will forever be in your debt for your life-affirming one time donation.

The Documenteers are not opposed to selling merchandise and starting a Patreon. In due time we will offer merch for the show. As for the Patreon, we only want to set that up when we feel we can give you consistent, original content exclusively for it. Until then, we want to pay our dues, educate ourselves, and continue to update and improve our podcasting capability for your benefit. All you really have to do is subscribe, recommend, and listen.

5. E-mail Werner Herzog themed erotica to us!

Our email address is documenteerspodcast@gmail.com. This doesn’t technically do much to promote the podcast itself, but we will hoard it. Maybe someday we’ll read it on the show. We probably won’t masturbate to it. Unless it’s so hot that exposure to it will make us develop a fetish for it. Then maybe we will masturbate to it. You can also communicate to us directly through that e-mail. We take praise, corrections, and recommendations as well. But especially Herzog erotica. That can’t be overstated.

Thanks for listening and keep on doccin’®